Copyright © Rosemary Bardsley 2003-04-09


'Knowing Christ - Knowing God' is a highly impactive Bible study series that draws our attention to Jesus Christ as the ultimate revelation of the truth: truth about God, truth about man, truth about the meaning and purpose of life. It is affirmed that there is such a thing as ultimate and absolute truth, and that this ultimate and absolute truth is revealed in and by Jesus Christ. The truth, therefore, can be known, and because it can be known, our human lives can have meaning, direction and significance. Our lives are not the meaningless result of arbitrary and inescapable chance, but have their source, their significance and their goal in Jesus Christ.

These studies were prepared at the request of Bruce Murray, Associate Pastor of Southport Church of Christ, Queensland. At Bruce's request, the specific starting point for each study parallels the starting points used by Roy Hession in his book 'We Would See Jesus'. However, anyone familiar with that book will realize that the direction taken and the progressive development of each study give these studies their own unique content and impact.

The studies are specifically written with a group study situation in mind; each study has its own worksheet, and includes instructions to the study leader. They can however be readily used for personal study.