Garden of Eden: The part of the earth in which God placed the first couple. Its location is given in Genesis 2:8-14.

Gentile: any non-Jew.

Glory [1]: The indescribable splendour and majesty of God.

Glory [2]: From a human perspective, the word is sometimes used of personal boasting.

Glorify: Acknowledge the glory of God by word and worship; bring glory to God by one’s life [thought word, attitude and action.]

God: The God described in the Bible.

‘god’: an object or focus of worship or trust that has replaced the true God. This object of worship may or may not be a physical idol; it may be a concept of ‘god’ created by the human mind.

Good works: Wrongly believed by some to be the meritorious cause of salvation. According to the Bible, good works are the purpose of salvation [Ephesians 2:10] and the evidence of genuine faith [James 2].

Gospel: The good news about the incarnation, life, sin-bearing death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Grace: Literally: gift. God’s choice to not punish us according to what we deserve, but rather to lavish his unmerited, unearned, unlimited love and forgiveness upon us. God’s continuing attitude to those who are ‘in Christ’.

Great commission: Christ’s command to his followers to go into all the world and teach people from all nations about him [Matthew 28:18-20].

Guilt [guilty]: The legal status resulting from breaking God’s law; not necessarily involving guilt feelings.

Guilt feelings: Feelings of having done wrong, and of being condemned, which may result from true legal guilt, or may result from a wrongly informed conscience, a legalistic environment, or failure to understand the true nature of our salvation in Christ.