Tabernacle: The tent where the Israelites met with God; instructions for its construction etc are described and implemented in Exodus. Full of spiritual symbolism pointing forward to Jesus Christ. It was replaced by the Temple.

Temple: The building in Jerusalem in which Israelite worship of God was centralized. The [symbolic] dwelling place of God. First built by Solomon; rebuilt after the return from the exile; rebuilt by Herod; destroyed in AD70.

Temptation: Pressure; specifically, pressure to reject and rebel against God and his Word.

Ten Commandments: The ten commands given to Moses on Mount Sinai [Exodus 20]

Theology: the study of God.

Theophany: an appearance or manifestation of God; example: Abraham’s three visitors in Genesis 18.

Third wave: An extension of the distinctives of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements into churches not formerly of these persuasions. Emphasis on seeking and using spiritual gifts, including the ‘sign’ gifts, healing, casting out demons miracles and prophecies. Unity valued above doctrine.

Tongues: Normal human languages.

Tongues of angels: [1 Corinthians 13:1]. Some believe that some ‘speaking in tongues’ is speaking in the ‘tongues of angels’ – that is, not human languages. However, whenever angels speak in the Bible it is always a message from God in an understandable human language.

Torah: the books of the law of God; the first five books of the Bible; the books of Moses.

Toronto blessing: an exaggerated expression of slaying in the Spirit, accompanied by uncontrollable laughter, animal noises, bodily movements. Popularised around the world from the Toronto Airport Vineyard church in the mid 1990s. Not found in the scripture.

Tribulation: Suffering. Also, a period of intense suffering towards the end of the last days [Matthew 24:17-23; Revelation 7:14].

Trinity: a term used to refer to the three persons of the godhead: Father, Son and Spirit. The concept, but not the term, is biblical.

Trust: A component of biblical faith.

Truth : God’s truth; the absolute spiritual truth, that is true for all people, in all places, at all times.