The Son



Psalm 2 introduces us to the Son of God.

This Son is God's 'Anointed One', God's 'King', appointed and installed by God as the ruler of the earth [verses 2,6].

As God's Anointed One he attracts the opposition of the nations, the people and the kings of the earth [verse 1-3]. But this opposition, this rejection of the authority of the Son, is laughable [verse 4]. Compared to the power and authority of the Son their antagonism, even though it may seem for a time to succeed, is ultimately futile [verses 4-9]. All of the nations, indeed the whole earth, is under his jurisdiction.

To those who reject or oppose the Son an urgent warning is given [verses 10-12]:

On the other hand, those who take refuge in this Son are blessed [verse 12]  

 Who is this Son of God, this divine King? Who is this being who is addressed by God as a distinct person, yet at the same time possesses all the power and authority and significance of God?

The Letter to the Hebrews teaches us that this 'Son' is Jesus Christ - the Son who is God's final self-revelation, the Son who is the exact representation of God's being, the Son who sustains all that exists by his powerful word, the Son whom the angels worship, the Son whose throne is for ever and ever, the Son who created the universe, the Son who sits in the position of power and authority at the right hand of God the Father [Hebrews 1:1-14].

This Son is the One who does all that God the Father does; the One who gives life just as the Father gives life; the One to whom the Father has entrusted all judgement; the One who has life in himself, just as the Father has life in himself; the One who must be honoured just as the Father is honoured [John 5:19-27]. This Son, though distinct, is at the same time one with God the Father [John 10:30; 14:7-9]. 

Our repsonse to  this Son is the pivotal point of our eternal destiny. To reject this Son is to reject God and bear eternal judgement. To accept this Son is to accept God and to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life. [John 5:24; 8:34; 12:44].

Well does the Psalm writer give his solemn warning: 'Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way ...'

And well does the Psalm writer give this promise: 'Blessed are all who take refuge in him.'

Copyright Rosemary Bardsley 2008