12 The Wedding Banquet 2



The invitation to the wedding banquet had gone out. When the invited guests refused to come because they were preoccupied with the importance of their own concerns, the servants of the King went out into the streets and invited whoever they found into the banquet.

And so they came, and we expect to read of the great joy and excitement of the wedding feast.

Instead we find that obtrusive word 'but ... '

They have come off the streets - workers, housewives, beggars, street people ... none of them had time to go home and change into party clothes, most of them would not have owned any. In his generosity the King supplied them with 'wedding clothes' - bright, clean, expensive, like nothing they had ever owned or could ever afford.

They sat there at his banquet tables dressed as they had never been dressed before - amazed at the generosity and graciousness of the King.

But ...

One was there in his own clothes.

Ragged, perhaps, dirty and faded.

He had shaken his head when the King's servants had offered him the wedding clothes supplied by the King. In the pride of his heart his thoughts ran 'I'm not taking any charity! I'm good enough as I am! Who does he think he is lording it over us like this!'

Even so, there are those who believe that their own efforts at being good enough are sufficient to gain them acceptance by God and entry into heaven. Thinking, in their selfish pride, that their own good works and religious exercises will gain a 'well done' from God, they refuse God's provision of the pure and perfect of righteousness of Jesus Christ which he offers them as a garment to cover their sin.

May we all learn from this parable, and humbly receive God's generous provision.


Scriptures: Matthew 22:1-14; Luke 14:16-24; Romans 3:19-31; Galatians 2:21; Philippians 3:1-9.


Copyright Rosemary Bardsley 2004, 2010.