Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 Overview


© Rosemary Bardsley 2015


These chapters of Revelation contain the first of seven parallel accounts. This account is grounded in Jesus’ saving death [1:18] and looks forward beyond the judgment day to the final perfect blessedness of the church [2:7,11,17,27,28; 3:5,12,21]. The main focus is on Christ and his church on earth during the interim period between his incarnation, death and resurrection and his return in power and glory on the last day.  


The image streaming onto the first large screen in the media room is a picture of the glorified Jesus, who was dead but is now alive, and is walking in the midst of his church on earth from the time of his death and resurrection until the time of his return.

Across the bottom of this first large screen is a row of seven sub-screens. You can zoom in on any of these at any time. Each displays footage that shows Jesus addressing one of his churches. It is a specific church, but it is also any church at any time that needs to hear this message – it could be your church. He knows its situation, he knows its struggles, he knows its integrity or lack of it. He is exhorting and encouraging his church to persevere in faith, in the truth and in obedience. He is also rebuking and warning where the church has in one way or another succumbed to pressure of various kinds. What he says to each church is what the Spirit says to every church.

This footage continues to stream in with these eight live feeds even when we turn our attention to any of the other screens in the media room. This is the reality of the on-going presence of Jesus Christ in his worldwide church until he comes. This is the reality that exists alongside of the other realities. This is the first and foundational truth that Jesus wants his church on earth to know: I, the glorious and powerful figure you see in Revelation 1:9-20, am there with you as you strive to remain faithful. I have not left you alone. I will make sure that you who believe in me receive, at the end, the salvation I purchased for you by my death.