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#1 The principle of respect for human beings
Study and discuss these verses. For each reference answer these questions:

What do they prohibit?
How do the prohibited actions, attitudes and words show lack of respect for people?
What are the opposite attitudes, words and actions that we should practice?

Exodus 20:13

Exodus 21:12-27

Matt 5:21-22

Ephesians 4:31

James 3:9



#1B Applying respect for human beings in sexual matters
Reflection: The verses above demand our respect for our fellow human beings, prohibiting verbal and physical misuse and abuse of a fellow human being.

Apply this same principle of respect in the context of sexual attitudes and actions:
How does it outlaw using, misusing or abusing a fellow human being sexually [either by our thoughts, visually or physically]?







#2A The principle of sexual purity
Think about each of the biblical choices listed in the study. What are the implications of each for your personal daily choices as a Christian? How are these choices important for the person involved in Christian ministry?

Choice #1:


Choice #2:


Choice #3:


Choice #4:


#2B Applying the principle of sexual purity in today’s culture
Discuss the comments or questions listed below.  What should the response of the Christian be in such situations?

The concept that ‘Everybody’s doing it’ is used to validate sex outside of marriage.




The concept that it is ‘wrong’ is incomprehensible to many. How does this make it difficult for Christians to make the ‘right’ choice in sexual matters?



Conversations are littered with sexual references with varying degrees of ‘dirt’ or obscenity. Discuss the relevance of Ephesians 4:29 and 5:4-5. What are these verses telling us not to do?



Some people say ‘As long as you don’t get pregnant, sex outside of marriage is fine.’ Why is this attitude wrong? How has the availability of ‘the pill’ contributed to the demolition of sexual standards?




To identify homosexual acts as sin is labelled discriminatory with the potential for criminal charges. How would you answer such an accusation? What difficulties does this create for the Christian?



When a Christian man is overcome by lust because of a Christian woman’s dress choice, which of the two is guilty of sin?




How does a Christian leader’s sexual choices impact his/her church, ministry team, witness?



What measures should Christian leaders make to avoid potential charges of child abuse?