© Rosemary Bardsley 2014

#1 Personal Attitude
Without stopping to think, record your spontaneous answers to the questions in the box below:

When and how did you first hear about witnessing?

What were you told?   

How did you feel about what you were told?          

How did you feel when you first tried to witness?        

How do you feel about witnessing now?

Why do you try to witness?    

If or when you don’t try to witness, why don’t you?

What are your basic emotions when you think about witnessing?          

What do you believe God thinks about your attitude to witnessing?

How much guilt do you feel in relation to witnessing?

Why do you experience this guilt?

#2 What is Witnessing?    
According to your present understanding of witnessing, circle your  spontaneous answer, ‘yes’ or ‘no’, for each of the following:

I am witnessing when I:

    Give a testimony in public.....                                  Yes    No
    Teach Sunday School    .....                                    Yes    No
    Preach in a church service .....                                Yes    No
    Go door-knocking .....                                             Yes    No
    Hand out tracts .....                                                Yes    No
    Talk to an unsaved person about the Lord ..              Yes    No
    Live a consistent Christian life .....                           Yes    No
    Debate theological questions .....                            Yes    No
    Give a helping hand .....                                         Yes     No
    Repent and believe .....                                          Yes     No
    Suffer for the sake of Christ .....                              Yes     No
    Give a testimony privately .....                                Yes     No
    Share in the Lord’s Supper .....                               Yes     No
    Talk to another believer about the Lord ...                 Yes     No
    Sing a Christian song .....                                       Yes     No
    Share my possessions because I love the Lord .....   Yes     No


#3 Evangelism
According to the New Testament, what is the content or focus of the ‘good news’ that we are supposed to tell?

Matthew 4:23

Mark 1:1

Acts 20:24

Romans 1:1

Romans 1:9

Romans 1:16

Ephesians 1:13

Ephesians 6:15

2Thessalonians 1:8