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© Rosemary Bardsley 2015

We now move to the fifth parallel section of Revelation. Chapter 15 begins with a vision of the redeemed who are, like those in 14:1-5, singing in the presence of God. Secondary to this vision of the redeemed are the descriptions of the seven angels with seven bowls, which are the bowls of God’s wrath and are poured out over the whole world, including God’s final outpouring of wrath.

As you gaze at the fourth screen and its sub-screens you realize that out of all the competing sounds from those sub-screens one is beginning to dominate, to become so over-powering that it distracts you from all of the others. Then you recognize that this dominant audio is not coming from that sub-screen at all but from another huge screen. Like the fourth screen this fifth screen is above you, surrounding you, enveloping you. You feel that you are actually there, part of this countless multitude that is singing the same unbelievably powerful and beautiful song as those on that earlier sub-screen. You are there with them in the presence of God with God-given joy in your heart. You are singing the song of Moses and you are singing the song of the Lamb. You are praising God, and you are praising him for your deliverance, your salvation, not only from sin and judgment but also from the pressures and persuasions of the dragon and the beasts. But more than this, you are also praising God for his justice. Again there are sub-screens, seven of them each displaying live feeds of a major global disaster. Although you are aware they are there, you don’t really look at them for you are totally engaged in the song of the Lamb.