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The following books were consulted during the preparation of these studies. Inclusion in this list does not necessarily infer agreement with everything that is written in these resources. The Revelation studies on this site have a basic affinity with the asterisked resources.

Buksbazen, V:        The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel, The Friends of Israel, 1978
Calvin, J:                 Calvin’s Commentaries,
Goldsworthy, G:    *The Gospel in Revelation, Paternoster Press, 1984
Hendricksen, W:   *More than Conquerors, Baker, 1967
Hoekema, A.A:      *The Bible and the Future, Paternoster, 1978
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Konig, A:                ^The Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology, New Creation Publications, 2007
Ironside, HA:         An Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement, Zondervan, 1941
McDougall, D:       The Rapture of the Saints, OFPM Publishers, 1970
Morris, L:                *Revelation, IVP, 1987
Salmon, T:             The Lord Cometh, Bacon Publishing, 1958
Vine, WE:               Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, Nelson, 1985

The following resources provided via E-sword were also consulted:

Jamieson, Fausset & Brown:     Commentary
Keil and Deilitzsch:                       Commentary and the Old Testament
Matthew Henry:                              Commentary on the Whole Bible
Vincent:                                            Word Studies