REVELATION 5 – A vision of the Lamb

1.    What made John cry uncontrollably?

2.    Suggest what ‘worthy to open the scroll’ means.

3.    What two titles did one of the elders give to Jesus?

4.    What is the meaning of each of these titles?

5.    The elder states that Jesus ‘has triumphed’. What does this refer to?


6.    When John looked, he saw a Lamb. Why is Jesus referred to as a Lamb?


7.    What historical reality is referred to by the words ‘as if it had been slain’?

8.    Suggest what is symbolised by the ‘seven horns’ and the ‘seven eyes’. [Note: seven symbolizes perfection.]

9.    What was the response of the living creatures and twenty-four elders when the Lamb took the scroll?


10.    What reasons did they give to explain the worthiness of the Lamb to open the scroll?


11.    What do you learn about your salvation from verses 9 and 10?


12.    Make a list of all the beings and creatures who praise God and/or the Lamb in this chapter.


13.    List the points of praise expressed in this chapter.



14.    Describe the impact of this chapter on you personally.