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REVELATION 19:11-21 – King of kings and Lord of lords

1. From the following verses list the names and titles given to Jesus Christ. Explain what each means.

Verse 11:

Verse 13:

Verse 16:


2. Explain the meaning of the following:
The symbol of riding a white horse [verse 11]

His eyes like blazing fire [verse 12]

The many crowns on his head [verse 12]

His robe dipped in blood [verse 13]

The sharp sword coming out of his mouth [verse 15]

Ruling with an iron sceptre [verse 16]

Treading the fury of the winepress of the wrath of God [verse 16]

3. How do the following verses anticipate the certain outcome of the ‘battle’?
Verse 15:

Verse 17,18:


4. Why was this outcome so certain? [verse 16]

5. What part did ‘the armies of heaven’ who accompanied Christ play in the battle?

6. Suggest who these armies are.


7. List all those who lost the battle. [verse 15,18, 19,20,21]

8. What was all it took to win the battle? [verse 15, 21]


9.    Suggest how we know that this last battle is neither physical nor extended.