REVELATION 20:7-15 – The end of evil

1. Verses 7-9 refer to the gathering of those opposed to the people of God. List all those identified.


2. Compare this gathering to similar gatherings mentioned in 15:14,16 and 17:10-13.


3.    What causes this united opposition? [20:8]

4.    What is the extent of the opposition? [verse 8,9]


5.    What key activity of the evil one is mentioned in 20:7-15.

6.    Verse 9 refers to ‘the camp of God’s people’ and ‘the city he loves’. What reality is communicated by these two symbols? [check Revelation 21:9,10 before you answer]

7.    Describe the outcome for the various enemies in verses 9 and 10.


8.    This final outpouring of God’s wrath has been portrayed several times in Revelation. Check out these references and compile a list of all that happens to all the enemies of the Lamb and of the redeemed.

Revelation 6:12-17

Revelation 11:18 [the last phrase]

Revelation 14:17-20

Revelation 16:17-21

Revelation 17:16 to 19:3

Revelation 19:19-21

9.    From verses 11-15 describe the eternal destiny of
[a] those whose names are in the Lamb’s book of life

[b] those whose names are not in the Lamb’s book of life.

10. What enemy is disposed of in verse 14. Compare 1Coninthians 15::26.

11. How does this future end of all evil impact you personally?