REVELATION 21:9 to 22:6 – Here comes the bride!

1. In 21:9,10, when the angel told John he was going to show him ‘the bride’, what did he show him?

2. On the basis of this, suggest what is symbolised by both ‘the bride’ and ‘the Holy City’.

3. From 21:11 to 22:5 this ‘city’, this ‘bride’, is described. From these verses, identify what symbols are used to communicate the following truths about the Church:

The glory of the church:

The security of the church:

The fact that the church includes both Old and New Testament believers:

The trans-national nature of the church:

The perfection of the church:

The fact that the complete number of the redeemed are present:

The permanent purity of the church:

The extreme preciousness of the church:

The permanent presence of God:

The permanent light of God’s truth:

The eternal life enjoyed by the church:

The perfection of life enjoyed by the church:

The impossibility of separation from God:

The recognition of and submission to the Lordship of God and the Lamb:

The total absence of ignorance and deception:

4. Identify your personal response to this sure and certain future that you have because of Jesus Christ.