Scientific problems with evolution

We need to realize not only that there are biblical problems with evolution as we saw last week but also that atheistic evolutionary scientists admit the inadequacy of, and deficiencies in, the theory of evolution. Among these are:

[a] The theory cannot be proved by true scientific method because no one was there when it happened, nor can it be reduplicated in scientific experiments. Conclusions based on the supposed results of the evolutionary process are subjective deductions made by fallible humans who already presupposed that the theory was true.

[b] Changes currently observed are changes within species, not changes from one species to another. They are mutations, which involve loss of genetic information, not the addition of information. As such they are the opposite of supposed evolution.

[c] The theory of evolution fails to explain the source of the massive amounts of coded information packed into DNA. Information necessitates an intelligent source of information; it cannot just happen; it cannot somehow come out of either a ‘big bang’ or a mud pool. It has to come from intelligence.

[d] The theory of evolution does not explain the incredible complexity of even the least significant organisms. All living things, even inanimate natural things, display indescribable, intricate design of both appearance and function. We would never credit that objects made by humans could have evolved by the process of time plus chance, yet in nature we see things far more complex, far more intricate, and are tempted to believe the evolutionists’ theory that these incredible designs are the result of chance combinations of molecules. The mathematical law of probability renders the theory of evolution the height of absurdity, exposing the sheer impossibility that the degree of complexity consistently occurring in nature could be the result of chance.

[e] The so-called ape-men which turn up every  so often and are hailed by the media to be the ‘missing link’ turn out to be either (1) true apes, (2) true humans, or (3) deliberate frauds. The media seems to keep quiet about that, leaving us only with their report of the supposed proof of evolution.

[f] Despite the fact that the theory of evolution has been dominating science for over a century, and scientists have been intent on proving it, not one genuine fossil of any intermediate, in-the-process-of-change, creature has been found. Given the supposed millions of years in which these intermediate creatures lived it is reasonable to assume that they would have left fossils, but all known fossils are those of distinct known species.

[g] In addition to this, fossils believed to be of extinct creatures living millions of years ago are identical to living specimens.

[h] There are objective facts in the natural world that challenge the long ages/old earth presuppositions of the theory of evolution. Among these we could include:

The degree of salinity of the oceans.
The rate of decay of the earth’s magnetism.
Polystrate fossils (fossils extending through many layers of rocks).
Massive fossil graveyards.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
The observed rapid formation of certain rocks previously thought to take millions of years to form.
The discovery of unfossilised dinosaur bones.
Observed rapid fossilisation.
The amount of helium in the earth’s atmosphere.

The firm foundation

While evolutionary scientists strive to find validation for this theory, and earnestly wish to find that validation, many of them have the integrity to acknowledge the difficulties inherent in the theory.

They also realise that to hold to the theory is to make God redundant. Because of this, evolutionary sceptics affirm the absurdity of the theistic evolution position. They perceive clearly that it is impossible to be an evolutionist and a Bible believer at the same time. In this they are wiser than some Christians.

In our efforts to present a credible Christianity to the world, in our efforts not to appear scientifically ignorant, we must never give in to the temptation to jettison any part of Biblical truth. To do so is to jettison the whole, and be left with a watered-down, non-biblical apology for Christianity with no power to reveal the truth about either God, or man, or salvation. To do so is to reduce Christianity to just another man-made ideology on the religious supermarket shelves, one option among many, all equally valid.

Let us hold fast then, to the one firm foundation of truth: the written Word of God which speaks of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. It says of him that ‘he sustains all things by his powerful word’ (Hebrews 1:3), that ‘in him all things hold together’ (Colossians 1:17), that ‘through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made’ (John 1:3). He claimed to be light and truth (John 8:12; 14:6), and to have existed before the time of creation (John 8:58; 17:5).  Let us cast aside those doubts and fears with which evolution tempts us, and to this Lord Jesus, and his understanding of Genesis, commit ourselves.

© Rosemary Bardsley 2011