From the previous eleven concepts in this paper the following conclusions have been made:


  1. That man and woman possess identical value and dignity by virtue of creation
  2. That there is a unity and identity between man and woman by virtue of creation
  3. That, by virtue of creation, there is a differentiation between man and woman that includes the headship role of the man
  4. That the entrance of sin brought a division between man and woman that did not exist before.
  5. That the judgement of God that fell on the man and woman locked them into this division.
  6. That in this divided condition a structure of law is necessary.
  7. That the incarnation affirms the dignity and equality of women
  8. That the incarnation affirms and defines the headship of the man
  9. That redemption identifies every man and every woman as God’s special treasure
  10. That redemption gives every man and every woman the same identity in Christ
  11. That redemption models the love we are supposed to have for one another