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Read Colossians 1:3-8. Answer these questions:

1.    How does Paul define the God to whom he prayed?

2.    What is the difference between referring to God as ‘our Father’ [verse 2] and as ‘the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ’ [verse 3]?


3.    Which words or phrases in verses 3 and 9 indicate that there was some continuity in Paul’s praying for the Colossians?

4.    List the reasons Paul gives for thanking God for the Colossians.



5.    Verse 5 explains the source of the Colossians’ faith and love. What is that source?

6.    Suggest what Paul means by ‘the hope that is stored up for you in heaven’.


7.    What does Paul call the gospel in verse 5?

8.    How does Paul describe the impact of the gospel in (1) the world, and (2) the Colossians?


9.    Suggest what Paul means by the phrases ‘heard and understood’ and ‘in all its truth’.


10.    What does Paul call the gospel in verse 6? Suggest why he does so.

11.    Identify and describe the person from whom the Colossians learned the gospel.


12.     What had Epaphras communicated to Paul about the Colossians?

13.    Suggest what Paul means by ‘your love in the Spirit’.

14.    Verse 9 summarizes Paul’s prayer for the Colossian believers. Describe (1) what Paul asked God to do, and (2) how this result would be achieved.