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© Rosemary Bardsley 2014

Read Colossians 1:24 to 2:5. Answer these questions:

1.    Suggest what Paul means in verse 24.

2.    How does Paul describe himself in verse 25?

3.    What did God commission him to do?

4.    What does he mean by ‘the word of God in its fullness’?

5.    How does he describe the fullness of the word of God in verse 26?


6.    What does he mean by these two descriptions?


7.    To whom did God choose to make this mystery known?

8.    How does Paul describe this mystery in verse 27?

9.    How does Paul define the central fact of this mystery? [verse 27]

10.    Suggest what he means by ‘Christ in you’ and ‘the hope of glory’.



11.    What one word summary of the gospel is used in verse 28?

12.    What is the end goal of Paul’s teaching ministry? [verse28]


13.    What enabled Paul to keep struggling on in this ministry?

14.    What were the four purposes of his present struggle for the Colossians? [2:2]



15.    How does he define Jesus Christ in verse 2?

16.    What does he say is ‘hidden’ in Christ? [verse 3]

17.    Why did he tell them that? [verse 4]

18.    How did he feel personally about the Colossians? [verse 5]