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© Rosemary Bardsley 2014

Read Colossians 3:1-17. Answer these questions:

1.    Verse 1: what does Paul say has already happened to believers?

2.    Verse 1: because this is true, what does he tell us to do?

3.    Verse 1: where is Jesus Christ right now?

4.    Verse 2: What does Paul tell us to do?

5.    Verse 3: Where is your life hidden, right now?

6.    Verse 4: What will happen when Christ appears?

7.    Because verse 1 to 3 is true, what should we do? [verse 5]

8.    Verse 6: What does the list of sins in verse 5 attract, for those who are not in Christ?

9.    Verse 7-9: What does Paul tell us to get rid of?



10.    Verse 9-10: Why should we get rid of these things?

11.    Verse 11: What is true about all who are in Christ?


12.    Verse 12: How does Paul describe believers?

13.    Verse 12: What ‘clothes’ does Paul tell us to put on?



14.    Verse 13: How should we relate to each others’ sins?



15.    Verse 14: What is the supreme virtue? Why?

16.    Verse 15: Why should we let peace rule in our hearts?

17.    Verse 16: What impact should the Word of God have in our lives?


18.    Verse17: What priority should govern all of our actions?

19.    Verse 17: Suggest what Paul means by doing everything ‘in the name of Jesus’?