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Task #1: Look up these prophecies of Christ. What do they teach us about the relationship between Jesus Christ and 'righteousness'?

Isaiah 53:11


Isaiah 63:1,2


Jeremiah 23:5,6


Jeremiah 33:15,16


Daniel 9:24

Task #2:Hebrew poetry was not written with rhyming words but with 'rhyming' thoughts, so that two, or sometimes three, parallel thoughts were put side by side to repeat and enhance the meaning. With this in mind, look at the concept of 'salvation' and 'righteousness' in these verses of Hebrew poetry, and discuss the insight they give to the meaning of 'righteousness'.
The meaning of 'righteousness' in this verse as expressed in the parallel thought

Psalm 24:5 KJV


Psalm 71:15


Psalm 98:2


Isaiah 45:8


Isaiah 46:13


Isaiah 51:5


Isaiah 51:6


Isaiah 51:8


Isaiah 56:1


Isaiah 59:17


Isaiah 61:10

Task #3: Read Romans 3:20-31. In this passage you will find at least 12 powerful truths about Gospel righteousness/justification. Discuss this passage and list these powerful truths in the boxes below.



Task #5: Discuss the relationship between Sinai and Calvary by means of the table below. Remember that our human hearts/minds have an automatic bent to see our standing with God in terms of our own ability/inability to 'keep' his laws, even though as Christians we actually know that we are saved by grace. Be careful not to let this performance mindset, which is the mindset of the flesh, dominate your discussion and dictate your conclusions. To give precision to your thoughts fill in every box with either a 'Yes' or a 'No'.
Sinai's Requirements
The Effect of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary

Permanently fulfilled by Jesus Christ

Permanently and fully met by Jesus Christ on our behalf

Not required of Christians but enriching our understanding of salvation.

Still personally required of Christians for acceptance by God today

Still in place as God's rules on how to live as his children

The Moral Law


The Principle of Punishment for anything less than 100% obedience.


The Law banning the sinner from the presence of God


The Law of Sacrifices


The Ceremonial and Ritual Law


The Law of Mediation through a High Priest

Task #6: Make a list of the concepts from this study that have impressed you. Think about, or discuss with your group, the difference between a relationship with God based on personal good deeds and a relationship with God based on the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Think in terms of peace with God, assurance, certainty, confidence, right of access into God's presence, and motivation for obedience and service.