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Over the next week, in the table below identify situations (objective temptation) in which you struggle with, feel like giving in to, or actually to give in to, the subjective temptation to deny your faith in/commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. This will include simple moral sins in which obedience to God's word/command is the issue, and the foundational sin of giving up on God. This will identify specific areas where you currently need the Lord to rescue you from temptation and from the evil one. A simple example (involving the possibility of moral sin, and also a test of allegiance) is given as a guide.

Objective temptation
Subjective struggle/feeling
Delivered because
Fell in because

Open bin of roasted cashews in the supermarket.

I love cashews; it would be nice to grab a couple of those and eat them

God's word says that stealing is sin, and I want to obey God.