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This study does not presume to be a complete representation of what the Bible teaches on Satan and demons. It may overlook some relevant verses and passages. Comments on the verses listed are of necessity brief. Much more could be said about many of them.

However it is hoped that these simple lists and comments will put some kind of boundary around the things we believe about Satan and demons, and that those who read this will be constrained to keep their opinions about these creatures within the confines of the Scriptural revelation rather than sourcing their knowledge from extra-biblical anecdotal reports and personal experiences.

Anecdotes and experiences are of necessity subjective interpretations of events. They have no innate authority or authenticity as sources of truth.

One over-riding scriptural truth about Satan is that he is the great deceiver who leads the whole world astray. Deceptive false teaching has its source in him. Those who believe that Christians can be possessed by demons have nothing but personal, experiential anecdotes to support their claims. There is no record of demon-possessed Christians in the Scriptures. The possibility that this belief is a clever self-glorifying deception of Satan is very strong. In addition, the decisive and immediate manner in which Christ and the apostles dealt with demons is significantly different from the argumentative and prolonged process recorded of contemporary confrontations with supposedly indwelling demons. Further, none of the biblical records refer to sins associated with indwelling demons.

While the Bible reports no instance of demonized believers it contains numerous statements about the deliverance from Satan's authority and power that is part and parcel of every believer's present salvation in Christ. Surely these affirmations ought to have more weight in forming our understanding in this area.