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In this series we look at a number of issues that impact our implementation of the priorities and principles identified in Setting Biblical Foundations:

Developing a personal mission statement.
Identifying and developing long and short term goals both for personal spiritual growth and for ministry.
Managing our time.
Developing life balance.
Handling stress and burnout.
Managing depression


Without direction and boundaries we become more vulnerable to the sin that confronts and entices us on every side. With direction we know where we want to go; with boundaries we know where we do not want to go. These practical studies are tools to assist you in your quest for Christian spirituality.

If you are working with a Mentor, discuss with your Mentor:

Your personal mission statement
Your long term goals
Your short term goals
Your Life Balance Study
Your Time Management Study
Your stress levels
Your coping strategies to manage depression

Place written copies/records of these in your Personal Development Folder.