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#1 Methods you have seen
Make a list of various methods of personal witness/evangelism which you have used or seen used. Discuss and evaluate them by the questions below.

Does it glorify God?
Does it conform to the revealed will of God?
Does it maintain the integrity of the truth?
Is it offensive to the non-believer?
Does it allow you to tell the truth about Jesus Christ?












#2 Methods Jesus used
Read the Biblical record of Jesus’ personal encounters with the people listed below. Identify the following:
Describe the person.
How did they meet? Who approached who? What was the situation?
How did Jesus relate to the person and what did he do and say?
What was the outcome at the end of the conversation?

Nicodemus John 3:1-21





Woman caught in adultery John 8:1-11





Rich ruler Luke 18:18-30





Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10





Leper Mark 1:40-45





Matthew [Levi] Mark 2:13-16





The Samaritan woman John 4:4-42





#3 Implications for witness
You have just answered these questions in the Study:

Did Jesus initiate every one of these encounters?
Did Jesus use the same method every time [if he used any ‘method’ at all]?
Did Jesus give the exact same content every time?
Did Jesus push the person to a point of ‘decision’ every time?
Did every encounter result in a conversion at that point of time?

What are the implications of the answers to these questions for –

Your understanding of witness and evangelism


Your attitude to witness and evangelism


Your method of witness and evangelism


Your content in witness and evangelism