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As we read through the Psalms we soon realize that the God of whom they speak is the sovereign God.

He is known as the God who is 'in the heavens', a reference to the extent of his power and authority which encompasses all that exists: all things, all people, all places, all times. Because he is 'in the heavens' there is nothing and no one that is outside of or beyond his power and authority. Because he is 'in the heavens' there is nothing and no one that is not subject to his governance and answerable and accountable to him. Because he is 'in the heavens' it is his will and his purpose that, in the end, prevails, over and above the plans and purposes of humans.

Thus we find in the Psalms this God who is called:

      • 'the Almighty', 'the Almighty Lord', the 'Lord God Almighty', 'the Mighty One' [Psalms 46,48,50,59,68,89,80,84,89,91,93,99]
      • 'my King', 'the King', 'King for ever and ever', 'my King from of old', 'the great King over all gods', 'the great King over all the earth' [Psalms 5,10,29,44,47,48,74,84,95,98,99,145]
      • 'the Most High', 'high over all the earth'  [Psalms 7,9,18,21,46 ,47,57,73,75,78,82,83,87,91,92,97,107]
      • 'the Sovereign Lord' [Psalms 68,71, 73,109,140,141]

This almighty heavenly King is also described as:

      • 'enthroned in heaven', 'on his heavenly throne' [Psalms 2,11,55,99,102,113,123]
      • 'exalted over all the nations' [Psalms 99,113]
      • majestic [Psalms 8,68,76,93,96,104,145]
      • judging the people and nations of the earth [Psalms 9,50,62,75,76,96,98,105,110,119,120]
      • observing and knowing all that humans do [Psalms 10,11,14,31,33,34,44,53,69,94,102,116,121,138,139,142,145]
      • exercising sovereign authority over nature and nations [Psalms 2,18,22,24,29,33,46,47,48,65,66,68,78,95,102,104, 135,136]

This is our sovereign God. So ultimate and absolute is his sovereignty that he does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth [Psalm 115:3;135:6].

But this is not all that he is: he is also the God of everlasting love and infinite compassion, he is also the God who is faithful. Knowing this, the truth of his sovereign power and authority is a truth that generates great assurance. It is a truth that generates quietness, confidence and trust.

If he were powerful, but not loving and faithful, that would be a terribly frightening thing.

If he were loving and faithful, but not powerful, that would be an irrelevant, useless thing.

But he who is all-powerful is also he who is all-loving and all-faithful. He who is all-loving and all-faithful, is also the Sovereign, Almighty Lord of all.