[All the titles/descriptions of God listed below are from the Psalms]


God is the eternal One and the Creator.


This assures us that Satan and demons are created and limited beings: not self-existent, not eternal, not omnipotent, not omniscient, not omnipresent. They are all less than God, who is:


  • The living God


  • God from everlasting to everlasting


  • Exalted forever


  • From eternity


  • Maker of heaven and earth


God is the Judge of all the earth. Satan and demons are answerable and accountable to him.


The following titles and descriptions all contain some legal significance:


  • A righteous God


  • Righteous Judge


  • Known by his justice


  • Loves justice


  • The God who avenges me


  • Loves righteousness


  • [He is characterized by] justice


  • The Judge


  • God who judges the earth


  • His statutes are established forever


God is the Almighty Sovereign Lord. In his sovereign power & authority the devil and demons are subject to him. He takes even their evil actions and uses them in his good purpose. What they do is not the final thing; what God does with what they do is the final thing.


Associated titles and descriptions:


  • Enthroned in the heavens


  • The Most High


  • Lord Most High


  • King for ever and ever


  • Dominion belongs to him


  • Great king over all the earth


  • Greatly exalted


  • The mighty One


  • The Almighty


  • The Lord Almighty


  • Sovereign Lord


  • Does whatever he pleases


  • God Most High


  • Lord God Almighty


  • You alone are Most High over all the earth


  • Majesty


  • Awesome, more awesome than all around him


  • The one who is feared


  • My King, the King


  • The great King above all gods


  • Feared above all gods


  • Exalted far above all gods


  • Throne is in heaven


  • No one can fathom his greatness


God liberates people from bondage.


Just as he set people free from slavery in Egypt so he sets people from bondage and slavery to Satan and demons. The redemption from slavery in Egypt was complete and final. Even so our redemption from slavery to Satan is complete and final. To consider that those whom God has liberated are still liable to possession by demons so that the demons have control over them infers a serious minimization of the redemption Christ purchased for us at great cost to himself.


  • Redeemer


  • Deliverer


  • My Saviour


  • The God who saves me


  • In him is full redemption


In the Psalms we find many titles of God referring to him as our protection and security in battle.


  • Shield


  • Refuge for the oppressed


  • Stronghold


  • My Strength


  • My Rock


  • My Fortress


  • My Refuge


  • Strong and mighty


  • Mighty in battle


  • The stronghold of my life


  • A fortress of salvation


  • A strong fortress


  • My hiding place


  • A strong tower against the foe


  • My mighty Rock


  • Strength of my heart


  • My refuge in times of trouble


  • My salvation


  • My shield in whom I take refuge


  • The one who gives victory


Although at one level the Psalms were referring to the contemporary physical circumstances this physical reality is symbolic of the greater spiritual reality that God is our Shield against our spiritual enemies in the spiritual battle in which we are all engaged.


God is faithful. He can be trusted. Both his word and his love are dependable and unfailing. Though we fail and our faith fluctuates and even fails, God is the God who fails not.



  • Unfailing love


  • Flawless words


  • All his ways are loving and faithful


  • God of truth


  • Faithful in all he does


  • The earth is full of his unfailing love


  • He is good


  • [He is characterized by] faithfulness


  • Great compassion


  • My loving God


  • My confidence


  • Abounding in love and faithfulness


  • My God in whom I trust


  • Faithfulness established in the heavens


  • His faithfulness surrounds him


  • His love endures forever


  • His faithfulness continues through all generations


  • Remains the same


  • Love is higher than the heavens


  • Faithfulness reaches the sky


  • Faithfulness endures forever


  • Earth is filled with his love


  • His commands are trustworthy


  • Remains faithful forever



This faithfulness of God must surely be taken into account when we think about what demons can and cannot do to those who belong to God. Can we trust him or can we not? The Psalmists had no doubt – they knew that God is utterly trustworthy. The NT assures that God is faithful, and that we can entrust ourselves to him. If this does not include trusting him to protect us from demons, then his faithfulness and trustworthiness is seriously questioned, and our salvation seriously minimized.



From all of the above regarding the nature of our God we gain utter assurance of his power, his faithfulness and his authority. All of this is convincing evidence that God will protect his children from invasion of demons. The simple faith of children, which we are all supposed to have, simply trusts this amazing God to protect them from such a thing as demon possession.